Social Strategy & Consulting

Viral Nation has mastered social from watching and representing influencers who have amassed followings in the hundreds of millions.

This means we know the right approach and psychology of social. Viral Nation can step into any situation either existing or in development and build a roadmap and strategy to make social media financially successful for any brand.

  • In-person team training and consulting
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Roadmapping
  • Technology training and set-up
  • Analysis of current social and follow-up reporting with planning
  • Content and creative consulting
  • Competitive analysis


Paid Media

No social strategy should be without paid amplification. Viral Nation’s experts allow for any company to thrive through paid social. The most important element to paid media is having the proper channel and creative expertise, not just to target the right customer, but to speak to them in their language.

To add even more value, Viral Nation provides creative and production in-house which is powerful when optimizing for results and saving money. Viral Nation’s team will direct and encourage a customer to make the best decisions based on the Key Performance Indicators and will always go the extra mile to study and understand the market.

Viral Nation is transparent in how we do paid media as we believe content, creative, and messaging are more important than just showing “whatever” to “whomever”. All spend will be visible to the customer as well as all result data.

Community Management

A company’s social media is now becoming a sales funnel, a customer retention tool, and a way to grow an owned network. Viral Nation is among the best in the world at managing and growing this important part of a company’s core. Viral Nation’s ability to grow social media, has been taught by creators who have increased followings in the hundreds of millions.

Social MUCH more than just good images and consistency. Viral Nation looks at data, insights, customer profiles, competition, social monitoring, trends, and far more in order to exceptionally grow and maintain a customer’s social identity.   All community management contracts are custom tailored to the needs of our clients and what we believe will be the most efficient and successful. Viral Nation also takes it one step further by including engagement.

Engagement is prospecting and communicating with potential clients and interacting with current followers to build brand loyalty.

Creative & Content

Viral Nation eats, sleeps and breathes content and we are the best in the world at creating it, period. We harness a staff of influencers and some of the most creative minds in the world to make content that is not only cost efficient and powerful but, speaks to exactly whom it is meant for. Content should not cost companies an arm and a leg, especially in this new world of social and the ever diminishing attention spans. Viral Nation has created the first ever content menu.

This allows companies to simply order their content as if they were at a tapas restaurant. It is practical, nimble, and extremely simple. This allows Viral Nation to further its efficiency in order to give back to the companies we work with. Creative is Viral Nation’s back bone and for all of the content we produce, we include the “BIG IDEAS” as well.

This makes us a one-stop shop for content and we have a 98% retention rate to show for it.




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